An international market

Graphitech aims to provide solutions for dismantling graphite reactors around the world, in France as well as the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Lithuania and Japan.
Vue aérienne complexe industriel réservoirs structures urbaines environnantes.

The various graphite reactor technologies all share the same critical characteristics in terms of dismantlement: very large reactor size, stacks of graphite layers inside the reactor, and a large volume of equipment and materials to dismantle and remove. Graphitech explores and leverages synergies in terms of dismantlement scenarios and technologies for use at reactors with similar designs. This means that dismantlement solutions developed for UNGG reactors can be applied to Magnox (United Kingdom) and RBMK (Lithuania) reactors.
The dismantlement technology and methods for high-capacity commercial graphite reactors have yet to be developed and built. Graphitech intends to tackle this issue with solutions for the market, backed by the far-reaching international reputation of EDF and Veolia and leveraging the industrial and commercial presence of Cyclife and Veolia Nuclear Solutions around the world.

Usine industrielle avec structure métallique et cheminée sous ciel nuageux.

The map below shows the location of different types of graphite reactors still to be dismantled around the world.

Combining EDF’s nuclear industry expertise and decommissioning engineering know-how with Veolia’s nuclear-environment robotics capability to enable the design of specialized machinery and long-distance intervention platforms for decommissioning, Graphitech will use its expertise to dismantle graphite nuclear reactors.
Remote operation and robotics make it possible for humans to access highly radioactive environments, which would otherwise be impossible, in ways that protect the safety of operators and the environment.
Dismantling of reactors that use graphite technology raises a wide variety of issues. Whether in terms of societal responsibility, or environmental, social or human challenges, decommissioning and dismantling graphite reactors will be a major challenge for generations to come.